Finish Materials

Accent Colours

Strength, durability and beauty are combined to produce the materials chosen for the exterior palette of our cabinetry. A European pre-finished panel in either Soho Gloss or Mesa Matte are used for the majority of the cabinetry fronts. The Soho Gloss is available in nine colour options and the Mesa Matte in four different colours. The high-gloss Poly Accent, derived from airplane/automotive technology, is done in-house to ensure the finest quality high-gloss finish. The accent inspirations shows a few options for accent band locations: top drawer band, full central section, and lower tower. Want to add that splash of colour to your upper cabinet or a middle block of drawers simply specify where you want the colour and consider it done!

Accent Example 1

Accent Example 2

Accent Example 3

Swatches 1

Swatches 2